Why You Need Help – Part 1

No one is just breezing through life no matter what you may think. The people who seem to have it all together either have a team of people helping them or they are crying behind closed doors because of how overwhelmed they feel. Trust me.
No one is doing it all by themselves. It is physically impossible to have a perfectly clean house, a successful business and well adjusted kids without getting some type of back up. When I being super productive in my business, my house is a disaster. When I am engaging my kids, I get nothing else done. When my home looks spotless, it is because my cleaning people just left ;).
Moms have difficulty asking for anything. It is as though it is some sort of reflection on your ability to do your job. Sometimes you need help. It does not mean that you are not a good mom, it does not mean you cannot handle things. It just means that occasionally you need support.
Generations of women raised entire communities. Everyone pitched in by keeping an eye on all the kids in the neighborhood and families were much more involved in the day to day. I was basically raised by my grandmother who lived with us so that my mom could continue working full time.
Things are very different these days. Asking for help makes us feel vulnerable or not capable and that is completely self-imposed. If a fellow mom asks you for help, are you not more than willing to share a recipe, pass along a time-saving tip or even watch her kids to give her a much needed break? It never ceases to amaze me when I get together with groups of women and they begin opening up about their struggles, everyone immediately offers solutions or a lending hand.
Admitting you need help is the first step to eliminating overwhelm. There is a lot going on in your life and if you remove the expectation that you have to do everything yourself you will immediately feel your load lighten. Do not feel guilty for reaching out. Instead, take this as an opportunity to focus only on whatever needs your personal attention. By eliminating some of the stress in your life you will be more patient with your kids, more productive and you will be a much happier mommy.
Part two next week. I will talk about emotional support and tell you where I go when I need help.
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