Published by The Huffington Post on September 16, 2016.


My little brother got married this weekend. I requested to do a reading at the ceremony because I wanted to be an integral part of this milestone for my brother. It was a special celebration for all of us as we officially welcomed his new bride, her children and the rest of her family into our lives.


I decided to write something heartfelt and sincere that I could dedicate to them. I wanted to give them something to think about and include real advice that they could apply to their new life together. It made me reflect on my own relationship and on marriage in general.


I wanted to tell them about real love. Everyday love. Love isn’t flowers and chocolates. This event and other grandiose gestures are one small insignificant part of what makes love last. I had to make it clear that love is in the little things. It lives in surviving the daily grind together. It flourishes in a gentle kiss and a knowing smile when exhaustion overcomes you.


I have included my reading below. I hope that it resonates with established couples, serves as a reminder for those who are struggling and is comforting for newly formed relationships. There is nothing complicated about love, but it takes a tremendous amount of faith, consistency, and understanding to live it every day.


What is love? 

Love is an encouraging smile even when you don’t know what to say. Love is listening when you want to speak. Love is accepting someone when you want them to change. Love is gratitude when you feel scarcity. Love is a hug when you want space. Love is learning to be part of a team when you prefer to do things on your own. Love is letting go when you want to hold tight. Love is giving everything without expectation of receiving anything. Love is a kind word when you would rather be silent. Love is seeing past your own needs and understanding someone else’s. Love is the choice to stay when you want to walk away. Love is giving space when you want to be close. Love is allowing someone to be who they need to be and knowing that their choices do not define your love for them. Love is trusting in the Universal power, the giver of life, to guide you through the challenging moments while being grateful for the opportunity to learn the true meaning of love together.

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