Motivational Musings

I am not Martha Stewart.

This is what my house looks like right now. Go ahead, judge me. I know you want to. I judge myself. I cannot stand the sight of my living room most of the time. I am sure you feel the same. We all have this secret shame about the state of our home, the laundry […] Read more

How Badly Do You Want It?

What do you dream about? As you lay in bed and everyone else is finally sleeping and you are getting ready to doze off, what thoughts are you having? What are you thinking about? What are you longing for? What kind of life do you wish you were living? What if you took action to get […] Read more

Why You Need Help – Part 2

Emotional support is essential to personal well being. I am fortunate enough to have a great husband and good friends that are willing to listen. They talk me through whatever I am feeling and give me their input when I am trying to make a decision on some aspect of my life. If you do not have any family or friends readily available, […] Read more

Why You Need Help – Part 1

No one is just breezing through life no matter what you may think. The people who seem to have it all together either have a team of people helping them or they are crying behind closed doors because of how overwhelmed they feel. Trust me. No one is doing it all by themselves. It is physically impossible to have […] Read more

Why I made time for business even with kids

  Starting a business is no easy task. It takes time, dedication and incredible drive to get things done. As a mom I already have plenty of things on my plate. Do I really have time to dedicate to my business? Perhaps I should just focus on the kids and figure out my career when they […] Read more

Jump Start Your Life – Create A Clear Vision

Jump Start Your Life is a series that will offer a practical guide to making your ideal life your real life.  This segment is part of the first episode and outlines how to create a clear vision for yourself.

If you are looking for more, please join me in one of my WORKSHOPS or feel free to contact me for a personal consultation.  I would love to support you in any way that I can.

Learn how to unlock your potential and take positive steps toward achieving your goals. Start creating the life you want now!



Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!  

But what if they are not? This time of year is one of the most joyful and also one of the most dreadful times of year.  If you are happy, healthy and have a wonderful family you enjoy spending time with than this is probably a very special time of year.  The kids are excited […] Read more

Jump Start with me!

Here is my first official video blog entry for Jump Start For Change. There is a bit of a glitch halfway through – but I decided to embrace it, just like in real life…nothing is perfect . If you like it, share it and subscribe to receive more like it in your email! [subscribe2]