Motivational Musings

What Your Kids Need To Know About The Election

Published by The Huffington Post on November 3, 2016. No matter who you are voting for, this election is a volatile, mud-slinging insult-fest. Not only are the candidates relentlessly bashing each other in the public forum, but people from both sides of either camp are spewing hatred and intolerance. I don’t know about you, but […] Read more

What Is Love?

CHRISTINE CARSON PHOTOGRAPHY Published by The Huffington Post on September 16, 2016.   My little brother got married this weekend. I requested to do a reading at the ceremony because I wanted to be an integral part of this milestone for my brother. It was a special celebration for all of us as we officially […] Read more

Motherhood Is Lonely

 Published by The Huffington Post on July 27, 2016. Before having kids, I had quite the social life. My husband and I were out on the town every night. We lived in the city and were always out trying new restaurants or bars, going to art shows and anything else that seemed interesting to us. […] Read more

I Failed At Motherhood

Published by The Huffington Post on July 13, 2016. When I first imagined becoming a mother I thought I was ready for everything. I was ready for the change in my body, ready for nine months of bloated feet and heartburn, I was ready to give birth without any medication and breastfeed for well over […] Read more

Shut Down the Critical Mom with 5 Simple Truths

  Published by The Huffington Post on May 4, 2016. Are you tired of being judged? The last hour on the iPad wasn’t enough? Do you want to numb his brain even more? Nice lunch you made today, nuggets again?! Do you think you’ll try washing your laundry or are you just going to let […] Read more

5 Ways to Get Your Kids to Be Thankful

Published by The Huffington Post on April 20, 2016. Wouldn’t it be nice if your kids realized how lucky they are? How amazing their life is? What if they began to express their appreciation for everything you do? How would you like them to thank you for the delicious dinner you made for them?   […] Read more

5 Steps to Becoming the Worst Mom Ever

Published by The Huffington Post on February 15, 2016   “You are the worst mom ever!”  How many times a day do you hear this? It stinks to be constantly criticized for everything you do, especially when you are being diligent and conscientious. You do not get praise for setting appropriate limits. You do not […] Read more

How Camp Changed My Life and My Relationship With My Kids

Published by The Huffington Post on September 9, 2016 Now that the school year has begun, I have some time to reflect on my summer. For the first time in my life, I went to camp! Although I was not a camper, I felt the same excitement as my kids. I built a TV studio […] Read more


This weekend we went to a friend’s house and we came home much later than we had planned. When this happens, we try to get the boys to fall asleep in the car so we can transfer them without much fanfare (otherwise it becomes an over-tired free-for-all). I had seen on FB News that you […] Read more