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Forgiveness Begins Within

Making a better life is challenging. You may be doing everything right. You are living in the moment, appreciating the things you have and making small changes towards reaching your goals. However, you can still feel like you are walking against the tide. On those days, there will occasionally be setbacks. You may slip into […] Read more

Taking steps to change

To change your life, you must change. What does that mean? It means if you are unhappy, you need to figure out what makes you happy and work towards that goal. It is difficult to change existing patterns in your life after spending so many years establishing them. It is challenging for a smoker to […] Read more

Expectations may lead to disappointment.

In the same way that you shouldn’t judge yourself based on anyone else, it is also unfair to judge others based on your own expectations. Anticipation of a certain outcome or behavior can easily lead to disappointment, especially if it involves other people, mother nature or things we can not control.  It is important to […] Read more

Look within to find your path. Everything else is an illusion.

  Do not judge yourself based on anyone else.  It may appear that people around you have it all figured out.  The fact is that what you see is an illusion. What was once unknown behind closed doors is now on display.  You can see everyone’s most intimate details on TV, in magazines, on Facebook, […] Read more

Focus on ONE resolution this year

The New Year always brings such hope and excitement. Change is imminent and all things are possible. Suddenly you visualize achieving all those goals you have been dreaming of for years and know THIS is the year you are going to do it! You are going to quit smoking, lose 20 lbs, find a new […] Read more

Life Lessons from Lego

Growing up as a girl, I never played with LEGO.  I am not sure if it was because I was not interested in LEGO or if I just did not have any exposure to it.  When I was young, girls did not receive LEGOs as gifts.  Now that I am the mother of three boys, […] Read more