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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!  

But what if they are not? This time of year is one of the most joyful and also one of the most dreadful times of year.  If you are happy, healthy and have a wonderful family you enjoy spending time with than this is probably a very special time of year.  The kids are excited […] Read more


THANK YOU FOR ATTENDING! Jump Start Your Ideal Life A Guilt-Free Guide To Discovering And Pursuing Your Dreams While Raising A Family. I really appreciate the time you took to join me and I applaud you for doing something to begin the path to creating the life you deserve. If you enjoyed this experience and […] Read more

Jump Start with me!

Here is my first official video blog entry for Jump Start For Change. There is a bit of a glitch halfway through – but I decided to embrace it, just like in real life…nothing is perfect . If you like it, share it and subscribe to receive more like it in your email! [subscribe2]

Small changes make a big difference.

Success begins with Time Management

One of the main obstacles I face on a daily basis, particularly as a mother of three is time management.  Even on the days I am productive, I find that it is fraught with stress and anxiety and often my children pay the price in the form of my bad mood or diminished patience. Especially […] Read more

Patience. Where does it come from and how do you get more?

  One of my personal goals for this year was to be more patient with my children.  I try to be even tempered, understanding and speak in a gentle but direct tone.  Every so often, (o.k…several times a day) I find myself exasperated with one, two or all three of my children. I have three […] Read more

It is never too late.

It is difficult to begin a new chapter in your life.  You may fear that you can no longer go after your dreams, that it is really something you should have pursued while you were still young.  If you chose your career early on, you may believe that it is all you know.  You may […] Read more

Great Advice! Now What?!

It is easy to give advice. When it is time to take advice, however, it is difficult to remove yourself from the situation and have a clear view on how to move forward. It is for this reason that psychologists and psychiatrists have their own therapist and doctors do not diagnose themselves, or rather should […] Read more