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I am a Portuguese Canadian girl who moved to New York City to pursue her career.  In Canada, I was one of the hosts of a popular kids game show called “Uh Oh!” on Canada’s national network YTV.  I was also a Sports Anchor and later an Entertainment Host on a multicultural TV station known then as CFMT.  While in NYC I wrote and produced my first album, was the host, writer and producer of a local entertainment show, performed improv at the Upright Citizens Brigade and worked on several other TV shows, short films and features.

Uh Oh! The Game Show on YTV

Performing in NYC

I have had many challenges in my journey.  From wanting to follow an untraditional path in my career to moving away from everything that I knew and loved without so much as a job.  While I was trying to figure out my path I struggled with anxiety and depression.  I woke up crying everyday because I had no vision for my future and no motivation to keep moving forward.  I was fortunate to have a loving and supportive network of family and friends that allowed me to vent and be miserable while I worked things out.  It finally occurred to me that nothing was going to change unless I took the necessary steps to do things differently.  I had to transform my attitude and my actions while focusing on the good things in my life to propel me toward positive experiences and people.


My first appearance on SNL!

A few short months after making that choice and taking conscious steps that were in line with my vision of finding happiness, I fulfilled my dream of being on a soap opera  (Guiding Light), had the incredible experience of being on Saturday Night Live several times and hosting my own cable access show in the most amazing city in the world, New York City.

Featured on the “Underground Festival” SNL Sketch

At the same time, my personal life flourished and I met my husband.  He is my best friend, my biggest cheerleader and the father of my three boys who have filled my life with unimaginable joy and make me live what I teach every single day.

Pregnant with #3

In reflecting on my career, I realized that the happiest times in my life were having amazing conversations with friends, family and even strangers, while waiting for hours in a background holding area, motivating them to be true to themselves and go after their dreams.  This prompted me to follow the calling which began with a tiny little inner voice that has grown louder as I have become more confident and comfortable with who I am.  I decided to become a Certified Life Coach and I want to help you jump start the life you want!

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Starting my own business while raising small children made me realize the struggles that mom’s face everyday.  The biggest obstacle aside from finding time to do everything, is how we talk ourselves out of participating in anything that does not directly involve our children.  We refuse to give ourselves permission to have our own goals, dreams or even our own private time to pee.  I will not sit idly by watching moms succumb to overwhelm and lose their spark because they feel guilty taking care of themselves. You are allowed to be happy and you can have your own life.  Finding a balance is possible. You do not have to choose between personal success and family.  I am here to help you stop feeling guilty, pursue your passions, be true to yourself and enjoy your family time even more than you do now!


Art by my amazing and talented husband


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Sending you lots of love and supportive energy,

xo Patricia