Do You Ever Wish Your Family Had a RESET button?

Your kids are fighting, you're screaming, everyone is losing it, anxious and stressed out and not only are you completely overwhelmed but you have NO IDEA how to help yourself or your family...sound familiar? 

Or maybe one of your kids is sad or anxious or experiencing really big emotions and you don't know how to help them and it makes you feel helpless.


As a mom of three boys I have been through it. The fighting, the screaming and the feeling of hopelessness. Everyday and every stage brings a new challenge. Not to mention that each child is totally different and that means they need their own unique approach to handle what comes up for them. 

Wouldn't you love to have some tools to help you navigate the challenging moments at home and learn to apply them in every part of your life to create the peace and happiness you all deserve? 


The secret is in CALIBRATING TO YOUR INNER GPS, which means connecting to your inner guidance and learning to trust your intuition.

Then you can teach your kids to do the same. 

It's much easier than you think. It's not an overnight solution, but over time I have seen incredible progress with my own family and I was inspired to share my method with you. 

I created a workshop for parents like you. Moms and dads looking to empower their children to make good choices, become resilient and confident in who they are and where they are headed. 


I call it the FAMILY RESET because it gives you the ability to lead your children back to a pre-established family foundation. Together you create the parameters of everyone's ideal vision for your family and then they are able to recognize what they want, prioritize their values while aligning with your family's values in a loving way.

No more fighting, just simple reminders to keep them on track making them feel more confident and empowered. This creates thoughtful, loving and resilient kids who are ready to face any challenge that comes their way. 

Patricia Ribeiro Wolfson

Benefits of the Family Reset Sessions

  • Learn to nurture yourself + your family without losing yourself in the process
  • Become the leader your family needs to create a team that works together
  • Map out your own Family Reset Blueprint to get EVERYONE on board
  • Inspire your children to become confident, resilient and successful
  • Confidence in handling whatever comes up for you and your loved ones
  • Take CHARGE of your time instead of wasting it
  • Learn to set loving boundaries to create the life you deserve
  • Get the WHOLE family involved in this process

If you are ready to transform the chaos at home, I invite you to connect with me for a consultation on how you can support your family and start seeing results NOW.

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